Tyneside Scottish 1st Pattern Cap Badge

Tyneside Scottish 1st Pattern Cap Badge

White metal circular form, 41.8mm tall, 35.3mm wide. Two copper loops to the reverse, east – west.

A garter inscribed with the motto of the Northumberland Fusiliers; ‘Quo Fata Vocant’ . In the center a wreath of scottish thistles. Within a lion rampant standing on a castle tower holding a flag-staff with a forked pennant. Below a scroll inscribed ‘Tyneside Scottish’

The lion and tower are extracted from the crest of the arms of Newcastle upon Tyne, the component symbols of which date back to Norman times.

The badge design was authorised by the Tyneside Scottish committee on the 9th November 1914. The badge was replaced by the large St Andrew’s cross design in early 1915.

The Tyneside Scottish were part of the WW1 expansion of the Northumberland Fusiliers, forming the 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd Service Battalions and the 29th and 33rd Reserve Battalions of that regiment.

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