Ulster Steamship Company Limited Uniform Button

Ulster Steamship Company Uniform Button
Ulster Steamship Company Uniform Button

A strap inscribed ‘Ulster Steamship Co. Limited’ between two rope borders. In the centre a shield bearing the red hand of Ulster. This example in gilt brass, 21mm diameter by A. P. Dalzell Belfast.

 A.P. Dalzell Belfast.
A.P. Dalzell Belfast

(Below is a company snapshot from the 1899 newspapers)


ANNUAL REPORT. (Published 1899)

The following is the report of the directors to be presented at the twenty-second annual meeting of the Ulster Steamship Company (Limited), to be held at the company’s offices, Ulster Chambers, Belfast, on Monday, the 28th inst.: —
The directors now present their twenty-second annual report, together with statement of accounts for the year ending July 31, 1899.
The net earnings of the company’s steamers amount to £54,664 16s 4d,. The net balance to credit of profit and loss, after paying interest on deposits, income tax, &c. is £50,072 16s 4d,.  out of which an ad interim dividend at the rate of 6 per cent, per annum for the half-year was paid in February last, which the shareholders are now asked to confirm, leaving a balance of £46472 16s 4d. From this amount  the directors have applied £25,472 as depreciation for the year, and have also transferred £5,000 to the reserve fund, £5,000 to the boiler repair fund, leaving a balance of £6,072 16s 4d., out of which they propose to pay a further dividend at the rate of 6  per cent. Per annum, free of income tax, and to carry forward the balance £2,292 16s 4d. to next account. The company’s underwriting account shows a profit for the year of £2,313 12s 7d., which has been added to the insurance fund.

The directors, having decided to issue the balance of the authorised capital of the company, offered the remaining 6,000 shares at par pro rata to the existing shareholders, they were largely over-applied for.

The builders, Messrs. Workman, Clark & Co. (Limited), expect to give delivery of the new twin steamer Rathlin Head during the autumn.

The Canadian Government have renewed the subsidy granted to the company for a winter service from Canada to Belfast and Dublin. All the steamers of the company continue to be maintained in the highest state of efficiency. All repairs and renewals have, as heretofore, been defrayed out of revenue.

  Mr. Alexander MacLaine, J.P., chairman, and Mr. A.D. Lemon, J.P., retire from the directorate by rotation, but are eligible for re-election. The auditor, Mr. John Pim, also retires, but offers himself for reappointment.
G. Heyn and Sons Managers.
Ulster Chambers, Belfast Aug. 15, 1899.

(below is a list of steamers published at the same time as the above report)

STEAMERSGross Reg. Ton.Captain
TORR HEAD5,910Thomas M’Calmont
RAMORE HEAD4,444David Smith
GLENARM HEAD3,908M.R. Thompson
MALIN HEAD3,467Wm. M’Kee
BENGORE HEAD2,490W.A. Brennan
TEELIN HEAD1,718S.J. Arthurs
GLEN HEAD1,600Wm. Kennedy
WHITE HEAD1,145John Brennan
BLACK HEAD1,145John Auld
FAIR HEAD1,089John Ellis
RATHLIN HEAD(building)

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