The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) Cap Badge 1901-1937


Other ranks in white metal. The Star of the Order of the Thistle. Around the centre, within a thistle wreath, an oval inscribed Nemo Me Impune Lacesset* with St. Andrew in the centre. Above the oval an Imperial crown and a scroll inscribed The Royal Highlanders. Beneath the oval a Sphinx on a tablet and a scroll inscribed Black Watch. To the reverse two copper loops east-west.
* Also found with the variant spelling Lacessit.


2. Below; version with a die-flaw beneath the Sphinx, generally accepted as original. To the reverse of this example flat plate lugs struck out of brass.


3. Below; another die flaw example with more usual copper loops.


4. Below, no die flaw, brass plate lugs. This badge came with a large quantity of documents, medals and a leather rimmed glengarry bonnet that belonged to a soldier of the regiment that was shot through both legs at the Battle of Loos. The badge itself is strong and light.


5. Below; reproduction or copy with motto misspelling ‘Memo’ instead of ‘Nemo’.


Author: Mike

1 thought on “The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) Cap Badge 1901-1937

  1. Hi Mike,
    Here are my comments.
    B1. Standard imperial badge displays no specific Canadian features.
    B2. Standard imperial badge but with Canadian flat lugs.
    B3. Standard imperial badge.
    B4. I have one example of this badge in brass with brass lugs (though not flat) I assumed to be Canadian.
    B5. Memo badge at first I thought was an honest engravers mistake there are quite a few examples of miss-spelling from other regiments.
    But now I have found three examples in brass, wm and silver so either a fake or someone has the original dies and is knocking them out.
    Best regards Ron.

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