3 thoughts on “Commissariat Staff Uniform Button (<1830s)

  1. Hi Mike this is really nice button, are they rare ,o have you any idea where I might get one from thanks Mike c

  2. Hi Mike, this one was a lucky find in a bag of ‘run of the mill’ army buttons. I don’t think it is impossible to find the later victorian versions of the Commissariat buttons -not too sure about these early ones.

  3. Hi mike ,well it’s been a while and a lot of sifting through buttons,but at last I found one in a box of buttons in a antique shop in Somerset,I had already seen this one in the box,and asked the guy how much ,he said will £5 for the lot be ok,I nearly broke my arm getting my wallet out,after looking through the box it was the only one I didn’t have, so now she’s in my victorian tray.al the best mike c

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