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British and Commonwealth Maker Marks



Great Britain
Bent & Parker.
Bodill Parker & Co. Ltd
"B.P. & Co Ltd. B'ham"
Butler Buttons Ltd. Dowler
  England ES & P Thomas Fattorini Bolton FR & Sons
Firmin London F&G
 (Fraser & Glass)
JR Gaunt.
 inc. London,   B'ham   "& Son"
GB (Unknown) Gladman & Norman
Grove Hobley Hobson JRL Ltd. B'ham - Jarret, Rainsford & Laughton Ltd Jennens
inc. J & Co
Lambourne & Co Ludlow London Badge and Button Co
inc. L.B & B. Co.
Marples & Beasley B'ham. Toye Kenning and Spencer Ltd.
Ludski MM (Unknown)   MMMC
 - MentMore Manufacturing Co Ltd
Manhattan Windsor, Birmingham
 F Narborough
F. N. B'ham.
Scott Adie Ltd. E. Smith Smith & Wright Ltd. / B'ham. A. Stanley & Sons Walsall
Stratton F.E. Woodward B'ham F. Starr Putney. S.W. Stokes Suttle Cambridge
Shaw Munster H.W. Timmings Ltd B'ham J W Tiptaft & Son Ltd
Birmingham inc. Tiptaft B'ham
unidentified T.B.Wilkins

 Retailers, Outfitters, etc.

Wm. Anderson & Sons Hobson & Sons Alkit Ltd.    
Chatur Bihari & Bros
Aligarh U.P.
T.L. Sharma & Co.
 Aligarh, U.P.
J.R. Johnson & Co
Aligarh, U.P.
Ash Bros. O.B. Allan, O.B. ALLAN VANCOUVER (There may be another maker "Allen", note the different spelling.) J.D.Bailey Birks, Birks 1916, Birks Regd 1916 D.E.Black
M.S. Brown Caron Fils (or Bros), (CAR Bros 1916), Caron Frères 1916 Montréal Chauncey Maybees F.W.Coates  
Cook Creightons Crighton C & S Co. Dingley
Dingwall Ellis Bros, P.W.Ellis & Co. Ltd., Ellis Bros Toronto, J.R. Gaunt & Son Ltd (Montreal) G.F. Hemsley R.J. Inglis


J & Co J.C. Rondeau Quebec Jacoby Jackson (JACKSON BROS, CENTRAL ALBERTA CANADA)  


Kinnear & Desterre, KINNEAR & D’ESTERRE KINGSTON 1915 E.V. Lamontagene Limited Geo H. Lees, Geo H.Lees & Co. (note this mark was found on a collar with ELLIS BROS marking as well.), Geo H. Lees & Co 1916 Lees & Creighton Maybees



Patterson Bros Reynolds/Port Hope Roden Bros Rosenthal Ryrie Bros Ltd (Montreal)
SAR & D'BSTERRY. KINGS/1915 (unsure of spelling)


  Wm Scully  Stanley & Aylward (Stanley & Aylward Toronto) Wellings, Wellings Mfg Co Toronto

US makers:

Service Supply Company, Service Supply Rochester        

UK makers:

Brown W.J. Dingley B'Ham Firmin & Son J.R. Gaunt & Son Ltd Goldsmith & Silversmiths Company Ltd (frequently seen as G & S Co, or THE G&S Co / 112 REGENT ST/ LONDON)
Hicks, Hicks & Sons London R. LillicoReiche McDougall / LONDON Reich Folkestone Smith & Wright
Tait & Co. Tiptaft      

Identified as button makers:

Hicks & Sons Leadenhall ST. London (1st Bn CEF button) H. Rosenthal, Toronto Meer Jones, Birmingham, UK R.J. Inglis, Winnipeg & Montreal Roden Bros, Toronto
Smith, Kemp & Wright, Birmingham, UK
Buttons Ltd
K.G. Luke General Plastics Stokes Melbourne    
Reuteler MFC Rhodesia        
  Y.D.L. T/DAD (Trinidad)      

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