Bodill Parker & Co. Ltd

Initially assumed to be Bent and Parker Ltd., this mark is now believed to be Bodill Parker & Co. Ltd., see research in this thread

Quote ('Ticker' Riley):

“Bodill, Parker & Co. Ltd”, of “Albion Works, Great Hampton Row, Birmingham”, look to have been awarded contracts to produce metal badges for the War Office during the following months: December 1915; January, February, March, May, August & September 1916; and January & August 1917. Now whilst these contracts could well have been for military badges other than cap badges, given we do have items marked “BP & Co Ld B’ham”, I personally think this adds a little more weight to the idea that Bodill Parker did make cap badges and that they are the firm behind this particular makers mark. Presumably the only way to find out more about these contracts, which could be nine separate ones or possibly more if they were awarded more than one contract in any one month, would be to look through the Board of Trade Records at Kew? Nevertheless, I think we do have enough suggestive evidence from this, and the entries in the Birmingham trade directories which I noted before, to ascribe the “BP & Co Ld B’ham” mark to Bodill Parker & Co. Ltd, rather than Bent & Parker Ltd; whose mark does seem to have been just “B&P”.


Contemporary WW1 Belt with 'BP & Co' marked Norfolk Yeomanry


Welsh Horse

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some examples of badges with this mark:
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