WW2 Food Leader Badge

WW2 Food Leader Badge

Gilt and enamel lapel badge, pin back.
A circular green enamel disk depicting a hand holding basket of food, inscribed ‘FOOD’ over a brown enamel house roof shaped tablet inscribed ‘LEADER’

The Food Leaders’ Scheme was established in 1943 by the Ministry of Food to bring important information about food and nutrition to the UK wartime population. Selected members of the Women’s Voluntary Service were trained as Food Leaders by the Ministry and distributed the latest food information to the members of their local communities. The intention was to have a food leader in every street in a town and one for every country district.
Food leaders’ initial training consisted of four lectures; on nutrition, the Ministry of Food policy, fuel economy, and the effect of poison gas on food.
The scheme persisted into the 1950s.

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  1. I have one of these! Belonged to my great grandmother. Really interesting to find out what it was. During Lockdown I’ve been volunteering at our local foodbank so that’s a nice connection. Fascinating website- we can learn a lot of history from such small things.

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