5 thoughts on “Royal Air Force Apprentice Badge

  1. Thank you. I dug one of these up in my garden and had to be trying to work out what it was. My Grandfather was RAF too. I’ll keep it as a sign. Thank you.

  2. This is an apprentice wheel not a propeller. Apprentices were created in 1922 so this was not used by the RFC.

  3. These badges were worn on the sleeve in the same area as rank chevrons were worn, they were sewn on and had a plastic backing badge coloured to denote the wing colour, At RAF Halton this was Red- I wing, Blue-2 wing, yellow-3 wing. The same coloured badge was also worn on the headdress behind the RAF badge

  4. Clearly a propeller within a circle. NOT just an apprentice wheel. Propeller
    denoting Air Force affiliation. In some designs you can even see the detail
    of the holes where the “propeller” is bolted on. There are also leading edges
    to the blades.

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