Queen Mary’s Grammar School (Walsall) Officers’ Training Corps Cap Badge

Queen Mary's Grammar School (Walsall) Officers' Training Corps Cap Badge

A scroll eared escutcheon with vertically lined field. In the centre the heraldic badge of Queen Mary—a half Tudor rose and bound quiver of arrows. Beneath the escutcheon a scroll inscribed ‘Schola Regia Valsalliensis’
This example in silver with the maker’s mark ‘Vaughton Birm’ to the front. To the reverse two loops east-west.

Queen Mary’s Grammar School was accepted as a contingent of the Officers’ Training Corps on the 10th July 1908. The school did have a recognised cadet corps prior to this date. The strength on the 1st April 1911 was  4 officers and 136 cadets.

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3 thoughts on “Queen Mary’s Grammar School (Walsall) Officers’ Training Corps Cap Badge

  1. As a former pupil of Queen Mary’s Grammar School myself, from 1961 till 1966, I can categorically say that this badge shown here is identical to the Senior Prefect’s badges that were worn during that time at least. The ordinary Prefects wore the same design, but in bronze.
    The OTC had long disappeared by then, but the school still had its CCF (Combined Cadet Force), consisting of an Army Section as well as a smaller RAF one.
    This is rather interesting… I shall endeavour to dig further with regard to the origin of these prefects’ badges.

    1. Further to my above comment, I have checked and it seems that the above badge is STILL worn by Senior Prefects at Queen Mary’s Grammar School in Walsall to this day, with ordinary Prefects wearing the bronze version. The school alumni secretary is attempting to delve into their history as I write, to try to establish a link with the hundred-year-old OTC.

  2. I have recently come across a similar badge in the belongings of my late cousin Michael John Sones who was a pupil at Queen Mary’s Grammar School and would have been there from the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s before forging a career as a Chartered Surveyor and spending his spare time heavily involved in motorsport.
    I believe he was a prefect whilst at the school?
    It’s good to discover more about the badge, thank you.

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