Hotchkiss Gunner’s Proficiency Arm Badge (metal)

Hotchkiss Gunner's Proficiency Arm Badge

In brass or gilding metal. A two part badge – a wreath containing the letters ‘HG’ . Two loops E-W to each part. Also produced in embroidered cloth.
A cavalry badge worn by both British and Indian armies, including the MGC (Cavalry). Officially obsolete 1921, to be replaced by the ‘LG’ type badge, but according to Edwards and Langley*, possibly persisted as late as 1940.

Hotchkiss M1914 medium machine gun, gas operated, strip feed, drum-type sight, barrel threaded for flash hider
© IWM (FIR 8102)
A trooper of the 17th Lancers, standing in front of a horse mounted with Hotchkiss gun equipment. Cologne, 11 June 1919.
© IWM (Q 7724)
The “Portable” version of the French designed Hotchkiss machine-gun was manufactured in Britain during the First World War, for issue to cavalry units. The Mk I* version was produced for use in tanks. The Mk I* replaced the original wooden butt with a pistol grip, and could feed cartridges from “belts” made from short, linked strips, each containing 3 cartridges, as well as from the standard Hotchkiss 30 round strip. This example bears traces of khaki coloured paint, suggesting that it was camouflaged along with the tank in which it was mounted.
© IWM (FIR 8083)

*See: Edwards, D., Langley, D., British Army Proficiency Badges. (Amazon link)

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