Henry Turnbull & Co. Engaged on Government Work Lapel Badge

Henry Turnbull & Co. Engaged on Government Work Lapel Badge

Lapel badge 26.2mm wide, 26.3mm tall. Gilt and enamel. Manufactured by Fattorini & Sons, Bradford. Pin back reverse.

A ‘King’s crown’ oval shaped badge depicting the company trade mark? of three ringed bulls heads over a horizontally divided shield. The shield shows a sailing ship in the upper part and red diagonal stripes in the lower part. The motto ‘Fearless’ below. Around the perimeter: Engaged on Government Work. Henry Turnbull & Co.

1914 Who’s Who in Business refers to this company ( courtesy Grace’s Guide ):
TURNBULL (HENRY) & CO., Wholesale Clothiers, Mantle and Costume Manufacturers, 12, 14, and 16, Thomas Street, Manchester. Hours of Business: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Established in 1879 by Isaac Cobley (d. 1884), Henry Turnbull (d. 1888). Present Principals: Ann J. Stonehewer, Frederic Turnbull (executors of Henry Turnbull (d.)), and Walter Stonehewer. Staff: About 200. Branches: Nottingham, 2, Pepper Street; Sheffield, 176, Norfolk Street; Wigan, 22, Upper Dicconson Street. Business: Wholesale Bespoke Trade for Men, Youths, Juveniles, and Ladies. Connection: Home trade. Telephone: No. 6041 City, Manchester; No. 1243 Nottingham; No. 56x Sheffield; No. 323 Wigan.

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