Helmets of the Home Front

Adrian Blake & George Blake

Helmets of the Home Front is the first book dedicated to non-military helmets used in Britain during the Second World War. It covers helmet production and distribution but it’s main focus is the markings applied to the helmets once in use. The formation and structure of the various Services (Wardens, Police, Fire, Rescue, Repair etc) are covered and the markings applied are explained and supported by over 1,000 different helmet images, both period and contemporary.

The authors, father and son team Adrian and George Blake, traveled the country photographing collections and trawling Archives for documentation which would help to explain the myriad of markings which were applied and attempt to explain the numerous inconsistencies and variants. In addition to the markings which dominate this book, nearly 30 pages are dedicated to the variety of non-standard helmets used on the Home Front, along with attachments, covers and carriers.

If you’ve ever wondered what those markings mean…this is the book for you.

Hard Cover: 362 pages
Self-published, July 2019
Language: English
ISBN: not applicable
Price £65 +p&p

Available from authors: home_front_helmets@hotmail.com

Book: Helmets of the Home Front
WW2 Warden Home Front Helmets
WW2 National Fire Service Helmets