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Old 15-01-21, 12:19 PM
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Default Covid, Badges and the Future - A Personal Reflection.

I started writing this post yesterday and binned it. But having had another night to reflect on it, I think its worth another attempt - so here goes.

I suspect, like others here, I have been unfortunate enough to contract Covid. Ultimately I was admitted to hospital on the 1st Jan, finally being declared fit enough to be released home on the 13th Jan as I no longer needed oxygen support to breathe. Not only am I recovering from Covid, but it has given me multiple blood clots in both my lungs which I am also recovering from. I could wax lyrical about how grateful I am to those working in the NHS for hours - indeed I'm not sure if I can put into words just how grateful I really am. At the same time, i can picture the seven people who died on my Covid ward whilst I was there and that is something I am still struggling to overcome right now, particularly given that some of those gentlemen were considerably younger than me. To add - I was the first person to leave the ward and get home in almost 2 weeks. Whilst in hospital I have had far too much time to think about things, indeed probably overthinking many things if truth be told. However, I have considered long and hard what I do and why - and this brings me to badges, collecting and the future.

Like many people here, I specialise in a particular field of collecting. However, I have accumulated both a reasonable collection and also a reasonable knowledge associated with this area. Having dabbled with sharing this knowledge previously, my time in hospital has made me even more determined to produce something which outlasts me! Yes, a work in progress and lots to work out, but a refocusing on making sure what I know is passed on to those who are interested.

So why the post?

There are people here, as part of this forum, who have frankly amazing collections and vast, in-depth knowledge in very different and diverse areas. (Arguably beyond that found in dedicated/ regimental museums in some cases). What I would like you to consider is how you could/ will pass your knowledge on about your particular area of expertise? To add; I'm not trying to be morbid, indeed quite the opposite in fact, I'm simply grateful for the opportunity to make sure that my decades of collecting help those that follow in my/ our footsteps and would like to encourage members of the forum to consider the same.

Thanks for taking the time to read this...

__________________________________________________ ______
Always looking for Observer Corps & Royal Observer Corps Items.
My Current 'Wants List' can be found here
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Old 15-01-21, 03:52 PM
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Dave, Very happy to read that you are recovering. Obviously, He has more plans for you, and your note may be one of them.

I have often thought abut my collections, which my bride would have no idea what any of it is. Some of course I would like to go to my son, but other bits I would like to see put back in the collecting market. I keep working on a process for that.

Thanks for your note and and again, so happy to hear you are recovering. We lost a very dear friend to the virus, and were not able to see him before due to it.


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Old 15-01-21, 04:53 PM
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G'day Dave,

Interesting topic and glad you are recovering from Covid.

To answer your question about sharing / passing on knowledge, and I know this sounds simplistic, but the forum is the means by which I ensure my knowledge / experience is not lost should anything happen to me.

To amplify the above, I try to answer posts that fall into my area of interest and always try to be as accurate as possible. That's not to say I'm always right but by adding to a thread discussion a consensus is usually formed that guides future collectors when searching the forum.

In my own experience, I have used the forum on hundreds of occasions to confirm the originality of a piece and to also ask more experienced collectors for assistance.

The album section is also a great way to preserve and pass on your knowledge and there are some fantastic albums available from collectors who have sadly passed on.

Now another completely different topic is how your collection will be disposed of should you pass away unexpectedly. My long haired General has no idea what she's going to do with it all so I'm trying to put some clear instructions, including values, to be followed should the unexpected occur, but i fear it may all be put in boxes and given away!

Good collecting and enjoy every day.

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Old 15-01-21, 06:59 PM
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Dave, am both glad and thankful you are recovering. In answer to your question: How will I pass on my knowledge?

I had this very same issue when trying to write out a list of which badges were what and the background to each of them so I could pass my collection and knowledge onto my son when I eventually shuffle off this mortal coil. My list and written information eventually evolved into a book (well more of a guide really) that could be used as a reference material for anyone as well as my son.

Having acquired even more badges and expanded my collection including some very rare items, I was in a quandary, do I write a second edition of the guide as an update (and then a third and fourth as the years go by)?

As more information became available and new badges were acquired, I felt the best way forward was to create a website that could constantly be updated, added to and amended.

The best thing about this format is that its a source of information and images that can be accessed by anyone across the world be they badge collectors, historians or people who had family members who served in the regiment. Its even of use to badge dealers (some forum members complain about dealers not having a clue about their stock, my view is why not make an effort to educate them instead of constantly moaning about them)?

But one of the best things about the website is that I receive a regular flow of emails from people across the world who have seen the website either asking questions about a specific badge or giving me information about a badge. Truly a great way to share information for those who follow in our footsteps.

And if you are interested, the website can be found here
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Old 15-01-21, 07:00 PM
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Glad to hear that you are recovering.
Leave to carry on Sir please.
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