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Old 05-04-08, 10:52 AM
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Default Questions on Wings and Brevet of New Zealand

Hello. I'm a new member and collector of Aircrew Wings, Brevet and badges of Britain, Australia and New Zealand.
Searching for answers, as i have been for sometime on the following questions relating to NZ aircrew.
When were the brevets for Air Enigneer (E), Air Ordanceman (AO), Air Loadmaster (LM), Helicopter Crewman (HC), Flight Steward (FS), Parachute Jump Instructor, Navigator (N), Air Electronics (AE), Pilot (tudor crown),Air Gunner (AG), Air Bomber (B), Observer (O) and Air Signaller (S) introduced
What year were the following ceased: Air Gunner, Air Bomber, Observer, Air Signaller (S)
and does any know about a Pilot wing with NZPAF in the centre?
What year was the pilot wing introduced and creased
When were the following introduced: Pilot and observer? and when did the change from british style cuff wing to current style occur?
Thankyou so much for your help
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Old 18-09-21, 08:54 AM
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Default Helicopter Crewman (HC)

I was a RNZAF (RNZN) Helicopter Crewman.
The cloth brevet was introduced just before I qualified. So that was 1970 / 71. My first metal brevet was a Royal Navy one and my first RNZAF issued metal brevet about 1971 / 72. Still have all mine. Before that, crewmen used brevets borrowed from other airforces / Navys.

RNZN Helicopter Pilot. The first NZ helicopter pilot was Lt W. Devin. He qualified about 1967. I was his last crewman before he was promoted and ceased flying.
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Old 08-10-21, 01:09 PM
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Hi Joso,
Thanks for the information.
Were you a crewman for long? What was the style of your first cloth brevet
I'll send you a PM
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Old 09-10-21, 07:40 PM
nbroadarrowz nbroadarrowz is offline
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Someone wrote a book which will answer some of your questions.
New Zealand Ari Force Uniforms, Clothing, Badges, and Personal Equipment 1923-1948
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