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Old 14-08-09, 05:01 PM
jim a jim a is offline
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Default RFC CAF lot

Just recieved this lot in the mail from Australia. It's a nice little grouping with some history behind it. I am pleased with the rfc collar and especially the caf collar although there are no lugs on it. It doesn't look like there were lugs to start with and I'm wondering if it was suppose to be a screw post attachment. The 48th highlanders reunion pin of 1966 is also a nice crossover piece to the cef. From what it looks like George Corsan enlisted in the 15th cef battallion and later went to the 15th squadron RFC. The American Legion reunion medal of 1933 lists him as Capt Corson. The wartime flyers reunion card of 1937 has him as a WW1 flyer so it all matches up although his name is spelt in the alternative Scottish fashion. I googled George Corsan and came up with what I believe is his father. His father was very famous in the swimming field (international hall of fame for swimming) and the health food fitness end of things. His father's obituary lists his son George Corsan Junior as a Capt and wartme aviator. If anyone can add to this I'd appreciate it. All comments welcomed as always... Jim
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Old 13-10-11, 05:12 AM
fred597 fred597 is offline
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Your CAF (Canadian Air Force) badge, IF original is quite rare. The CAF was formed in 1920 and was replaced by the RCAF in 1924. It did not operate under the auspices of the Defence Dept but rather under another Cabinet Dept whose main goal was Aerial mapping of Canada.
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Old 16-10-16, 09:55 PM
Honora Rea Honora Rea is offline
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I am the niece of George Corsan
George was quite a character
If you would like to know more about him and the famous Corsans
Regards Honora Rea
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Old 25-10-16, 03:57 PM
zorgon's Avatar
zorgon zorgon is offline
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Hi Honora. Welcome to the Forum. I would be interested in learning more. I've sent you a Private message (top right of this thread).
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