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Old 19-03-20, 06:19 PM
bobblehat44 bobblehat44 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2020
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Default Admin and Moderators-The General Index

Mike,Alan O ,Bill and a core of extremely knowledgeable and long standing members make the Forum the prized resource that it is.
So is it time for the General Index?
List all British Regiments and copy and paste facts- emphasise it must be facts- from all the many posts on the Forum about that Regiments badges,eg never issued in w/m,must have voids around the crown,never issued with a slider,etc. This would provide comprehensive and authorative specific information-just click on each Regiment's listing to see this.
I am aware there are many other things open to interpretation and are matters of opinion with badges-those discussions would continue. The General Index would only list facts.
It would of course be compiled gradually but would be the ultimate up to date reference source.
Perhaps access could even be by moderate subscription?
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Old 20-03-20, 02:35 AM
Luke H's Avatar
Luke H Luke H is offline
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Londoner in exile
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It’s a noble idea that sounds wonderful in theory but in practice I think moderating every Wikipedia page in every language is probably a smaller task than your proposal.

What is classed ‘fact’ is often open for debate and who decides this. One big problem is every now and then something will come up that flys in the face of the accepted norm or alters thinking. Additionally there are badges which even the experts cannot agree on, so where would these fit in?

The number of threads required for every regiment, arm and service would be huge. Many regiments had many battalions with differing badges over their long histories so any thread would quickly become a jumble. Similarly if there was a thread on each badge type the number of threads would be astronomical.

The current format allows good scope for research. Members can often view several threads between different members discussing and debating then from this form their own opinions and reach conclusions.

Last but not least this would be hundreds possibly thousands of hours of work. After uploading around 1,200 images from the Martin Marsh catalogues to my albums over the last few weeks I can vouch for how time consuming and draining it is.
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Old 21-03-20, 05:53 PM
bobblehat44 bobblehat44 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2020
Posts: 39

Luke H
thank you so much for your detailed and measured response to my suggestion.
I realize now that it would indeed be a probably momentous and unrealistic undertaking,
so as they say ....back to the drawing board!
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Old 21-03-20, 06:10 PM
Alan O's Avatar
Alan O Alan O is offline
Super Moderator
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Q would love to help but as a key worker in the NHS I am rather busy at the moment!
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Old 22-03-20, 02:45 PM
bobblehat44 bobblehat44 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2020
Posts: 39

Understood and massive respect to you and all your colleagues.
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