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Old 23-01-18, 10:12 AM
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An interesting find! Thanks for showing it. It has the general look of a blazer button rather than a uniform button doesn't it?

I'm still inclined to think that our mystery badge has something to do with dockyard police or something similar though I still haven't found any evidence. It's certainly not a cap badge worn by any officer or rating in the Royal Indian Navy as they wore the same badges as the Royal Navy, but it obviously dates from some time before India became a republic in 1950.

I know that Royal Navy cap badges were adopted by India when the Royal Indian Marine became the Royal Indian Navy in 1934 and I've seen examples of what officers wore prior to that date. But I have never seen any images of what ratings wore as cap badges prior to 1934. Perhaps they wore badges similar to those worn in the RN or maybe they wore something totally different - like our mystery badge.


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Old 23-01-18, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by pinfrin View Post
Request help:
RNVR, RNCVR cap badges had a KC.
The RINVR, however, had a cap badge with a naval crown ( described
as a brig, end on, flanked by two half brigs ) The RIN had a KC cap badge.

Did any other R-VR cap badge ever have a naval crown ?

Have a RNVR spoon ( attd pic ) with a naval crown - as on RN ship crests.
Is it at all possible that the picture referred to showed a Merchant Navy cap badge? This badge does have the crown as described above.

I had family members who were merchant navy wearing MN cap badge early on in WWII before signing on to RNVR and changing the badge to the KC RN cap badge.

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Old 23-01-18, 11:33 PM
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Pattern 47 officers cap badges were also made in New Zealand during WW2.
So far I haven't been able to identify one. They were about half the cost of the imported badges.
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