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Old 18-09-23, 02:12 AM
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Default Possible Victoria Volunteer Rifle Corps BC 1860

I really need a few other sets of eyes to look at this badge and either confirm or shoot down my assumption that this just may be a badge to The Victoria Volunteer Rifle Corps, raised in Victoria British Columbia circa 1860.
I received the photos from a friend tonight asking if I could identify them, his father had passed the small collection to him several years ago in an old tin can. His father had received them in the 1960's, while he was driving the Ferry which crosses the Fraser River at Soda Creek, from an old fellow well known to him from the Wells Barkerville area.
A quick review of MAZEAS Pre 1914 does not show this badge and it is not a Victoria Rifles of Canada badge. Any comments welcome.
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Old 26-10-23, 04:00 AM
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I've seen a Victoria Volunteer Rifles helmet plate on a helmet in an old collection. It had the Victorian crown on the top.
I can't say if yours is a helmet plate. Perhaps it is a pouch or cross belt badge.

Courtesy of The Canadian Forces:

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Old 26-10-23, 04:29 PM
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Thank you Phillip, I was hoping you would have some insight. I managed to get the badge donated to The Seaforth Highlanders of C Museum and will post more photos once its been processed. The archivist has done some initial investigating and has found some photos in the City of Vancouver Archives of the Post Confederation Militia Coy circa 1880's (No.1 Coy of Rifles, Victoria Rifle Corps) which show them wearing Shako's with Canadian Militia Shako badges and Crossbelt badges which are not similar to the badge in question. There are a few photos of the Pre Confederation Victoria Volunteer Rifle Corps (1864-1871) which do not show a clear image of badges and accoutrements. The hunt continues.

Jim Purdy
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