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Old 17-04-15, 03:36 PM
ackackgirl ackackgirl is offline
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Default Pip backing colours

Could anyone confirm for me the actual colour of the pip backing worn by QAIMNS on battledress during WW2? Hundreds of re-enactors wear crimson backed pips which I thought were only RAMC and QAIMNS were not part of the RAMC. I always believed QAIMNS wore the general service pips (khaki backed), but I would like to be sure.
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Old 17-04-15, 10:25 PM
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Default Pip backing

I've just had a quick read through the Army Council Instructions relating to distinguishing marks, and QAIMNS weren't mentioned.

The coloured pip backings were introduced in September 1940 for units of Home Forces. I am unaware of similar instructions being made for other stations abroad, therefore either option would have been available to those serving overseas (coloured being more likely for those posted abroad post 9.40. as they would already possess them).

I have copied another ACI:
31.12.43. AO 225: Officers of QAIMNS authorised to wear drab uniform, in lieu of grey with scarlet facings, w.e.f. 01.01.44. Sealed patterns of the existing uniform were retained pending re-issue as and when circumstances permitted. Their new uniform was to be that of the ATS (see ACI 103 of 1940) worn with QAIMNS officers’ cap badges, and badges of rank. Their Tropical Scale included a Universal helmet or Pith hat, but only when specially authorised.
The Matron-in-Chief, and Chief Principal Matrons wore a dull cherry band and Royal Crest (woven Lion and Crown), together with dull cherry gorget patches, and buttons of the pattern described for the rank of Colonel.
Grey uniform would continue to be worn until unserviceable, so a hybrid grey and drab uniform was unavoidable.

This ACI indicates that khaki wasn't issued to OFFICERS until 12.43.

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Old 18-04-15, 11:23 AM
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QAIMNS was an All Officer Corps, it was not until renaming to QARANC in 1949 that Other Ranks were admitted.
Sua Tela Tonanti
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Old 18-04-15, 12:06 PM
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Nice to see someone trying to get it right.

Army Council Instruction 117 of 3rd February 1945 states;

The following distinguishing marks will be worn by nursing officers on certain items of the drab uniform authorized under Army Order 225 of 1943 both at home and overseas. These articles will be provided at the expense of officers;

a) Lanyard in QAIMNS colours ie grey and scarlet,
b) The regimental designations and slip-on shoulder titles "Q.A.I.M.N.S." and "T.A.N.S."
c) Dull cherry backing to worsted rank badges.

I have a contemporary QAIMNS BD with these markings (sorry no photo)

Matrons had adopted the dull cherry cap bands and gorget patches of staff officers after Army Order 225 was published.

The ACI goes on to say that "In tropical areas worsted rank badges on a plain backing will be worn on the shoulder strap of the bush shirt.

Hope that helps

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Old 18-04-15, 12:32 PM
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Default QAIMNS BD Blouse

QAIMNS.Laverick.01.jpgQAIMNS BD Elsa Laverick.jpg
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Old 18-04-15, 05:09 PM
ackackgirl ackackgirl is offline
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Thanks guys that's very helpful. It looks like the dark red backing is correct then after all. I had received conflicting advice before hand, but if it's in the army regs it's impossible to argue with.
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