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Old 27-12-10, 10:20 AM
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Default Problems with Registering

There have been problems with new users attempting to register with the badge forum - one potential user being told that his communication was "spam". Does this indicate an underlying problem?
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Old 27-12-10, 11:20 AM
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Hi Stanley, it means one of three things:

they share an IP address with a known forum spammer.
they have an email address used by a known spammer.
they are trying to register with a username that is in use with a known spammer.

If you are trying to register a common username then the chance is high it has already been used in the past by a spammer. ie 'Tom' will be blocked but 'Tom_456' would be ok. Tip - try and add a little complexity to your username.

I receive email everyday regarding this, this is the reply:

hi xxxxxx, if you're having problems with the anti-spam, check your:
username, ip, email, in this database and it will
tell you which one is the problem:

our registration is connected to their database.
(most often caused by common usernames which are in use by spammers)

kind regards
My insignia database contributions
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