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Old 15-05-21, 11:25 PM
kingsley kingsley is offline
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Default Australian regimental bands

We really need someone to write a book on insignia of Australian army bands from the last 100 years or more. In 2011 the Labor government disbanded (a 'mot juste') a lot of them to save money. I had an old uncle who was drum major of the Sydney University Regiment Pipes and Drums in the 1950s, an impressive figure in his full highland regalia. I think the SUR still has some of the old band insignia.
In one of the RAR museums in Townsville I saw some band busbys with large RAR distinctive helmet plates, also an amazing bullion-encrusted tunic and crossbelt of the drum major, but have never seen anything published.
Another undocumented military-related band was the RSL 'Cenotaph Trumpet Corps', apparently set up in the 1920s when the Cenotaph in central Sydney was built to commemorate the fallen from WW1. I was told that they wore RED uniforms and slouch hats but I have never been able to find any contemporary pictures or information.
A list of bands that were know to exist would be a good start, and maybe an album of insignia for discussion or identification.
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Old 15-05-21, 11:53 PM
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I can start you off with a list of some Royal Australian Armoured Corps bands.

There was a RAAC Corps band in the 1960s and it was disbanded in the late 1960s.

The following regiments also had bands:
2/14 LHR (up to around 2005).
4/19 PWLH (disbanded only a few years ago from memory).
1/15 RNSWL (Only regimental band still going within the corps).
10th Light Horse (in 1960s).

Looking for Australian military books?

Regimental Books - Australian Unit History specialists

Chasing militaria? I recommend:

Militaria Online - Australian Militaria Sales
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