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Old 06-05-21, 06:00 AM
kaiserwilhelm2 kaiserwilhelm2 is offline
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Default New to the forum and needing your help


How are you? I am new to the Forum and have been posting several threads this week as I need your help please. Although I have been collecting militaria for 35-40 years now, I previously never collected British cap badges even though I have always liked these. Only recently after selling some items from my mainly uniform/headgear collection I decided to buy a big group of cap badges. As I have the opportunity to return any reproductions or non-period ww1 and/or ww2 era items (although happy to keep items pre-dating ww1) in the next couple of weeks I have started to post all these badges here on the forum to seperate the good from bad. For this I need your experience and help which I am hoping you will share with me as indeed several people already have (THANK YOU!). The more however the merrier. So please help me out as I, like most collectors, would like to have a fake-free collection of these beautiful badges. Thanks for your time, experience and help!

So who would you be helping:

A passionate and serious militaria collector for the last 35-40 years. Originally from The Netherlands but living in Norway. A former cavalry officer of the Hussars having served overseas. Owner of a huge military history library and actually having read most of the books in it although admitting that my capacity to buy books still outstrips my capacity to read these especially as I also still get books from the public library. Husband and father of two.

Cheers from Norway, Tom

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Old 06-05-21, 06:01 AM
kaiserwilhelm2 kaiserwilhelm2 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2021
Posts: 424


Dragoon thread:

Guards Cavalry and Armour:

Hussar thread:

Lancer thread:



Fusilier thread:

Infantry batch 1 from Irish Guards to Cheshire:

Infantry batch 2 from SWB to Manchester:

Infantry batch 3 from North Stafford to Cambridgeshire :

Various units - odd ends:

Light Infantry thread:

London Regiment:




Scottish regiments/units:

Various Support Units:

Fake British Cap badges:

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