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Old 03-03-18, 01:32 PM
peter monahan peter monahan is offline
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Ha! So, almost certainly a locally [Italian/Greek] made title, put up after March, 1945 and perhapos worn as late as 1953. Many, perhaps most, IA units inparticular did NOT drop all the crowns and various British and Royal distinctions in 1947.

And with the 1922 re-org and the creation of multi-battalion regiments, such distinctions became double dear. And a cloth title was far easy to have made and worn, I suspect, using whatever title the battalion CO approved, than getting permission and funds to issue new cap badges, for example. "even as Dress Regs Army say at line 1 page 1 that ' CO's are forbidden to introduce or sanction any deviation from sealed patterns" Again, ha! The fact this instruction is on page 1 tells me that this is not a general caution but a response to a recurring 'problem' for them what writes the egulations. To my certain knowledge, for example, the officer's mess of the 1st Horse (Skinner's Horse) of the Indian Armoured Corps still displayed WWII caricatures of British officers who'd served in WWII as late as the 1970s and I'll bet a quid they also had unauthorized disticntions on their uniforms. 'We won the title/battle honour/ uniform distinction. Something the politicians, we'll wear it until we get orders we can't ignore not to!

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Old 08-03-18, 07:49 AM
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Default Respone to this interesting old thread

Originally Posted by loupie1961 View Post
One need to be patient: finally found evidence of the Royal Sikh Regiment arc title having existed AND been worn during WWII: officers the Royal Sikh Regiment paying their respects to the monks of Mount Athos, February-March (?) 1945.
The men (sikhs) in the image are from 3rd Royal Bn (Sikhs) 12th Frontier Force Regt. The title should read FRONTIER FORCE REGT with Crown above.

As regards, The cloth title ROYAL SIKH REGT with crown above this was never worn, the 2nd (ROYAL) BN Sikh Regt's cloth title was SIKH REGIMENT with crown above.
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