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Old 25-03-23, 03:26 PM
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Default Good or bad!

Evening everyone, these are dubious and wish to know for sure, some I think? are fine but that said wouldn’t put any money on it!

Tyneside Scottish - it’s Ferret face but with a void to bottom left in foliage? (stands a chance I’m thinking?)

One of the London Rgt.s non voided Crown looks to be Gilding metal covered in varnish? (like the slider not sure on voiding?)

Sporran badge (Gordon Highlanders) wasn’t much! bought as a gap filler really, am awaiting Luke to come in with “a known Martin Marsh fake” and wouldn’t be surprised liked the detail on the brass work and rear fixing’s

Lastly Royal Marine Band? not too fussed on the Globe within Laurels but did like the Silver P.O.W. Feathers, works as a gap filler if real a bonus!

These are from Stratford also!

Many thanks in advance Billy
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Old 25-03-23, 09:54 PM
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The Tyneside is likely one of the restrikes from the original die. I don't know what to make of the GH Sporran badge. These are NCO or officer pattern, but regular battalions were all silver and the volunteers were all gilt, not just the sphinx and tiger. And they should not have cap badge lugs like that. Not sure about the Finsbury, but I think it is OK.

"We seldom learn the true want of what we have till it is discovered that we can have no more." Sam. Johnson
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Old 28-03-23, 01:31 PM
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As CB correctly states this particular die has been restruck from the original and most of these restrikes lack the correct voids (but not always) and are on loops. To be sure you have a period genuine example look for one with the stout steel pin fixing and correct voiding.

Back to yours. Whilst it looks a nice strike with good detail and to have some age and is not totally inconceivable that loops ‘may’ have been used, question is could you ever really be sure about it? I would say not without some good provenance. Alas the dangers of true restrikes.

The Finsbury Rifles is fine.

There is indeed a strikingly similar item in the Marsh catalogue. I shall leave it to others to comment as not my thing but based on what I can see, not something I’d buy.
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Old 28-03-23, 02:17 PM
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Hello Billy

Not a fan of any of the 3 parts of the RM badge. The feathers are the wrong pattern, the lion & crown looks like it has been removed from a one piece cap badge and had a lug fitted (not the correct type of fitting) and it has the unvoided tail & legs usually associated with the fake one piece badge. Globe and laurel is very smooth looking at the rear.

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Old 28-03-23, 04:26 PM
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Carterton (RAF Brize-Norton) Oxfordshire
Posts: 2,451

Thanks gentlemen am happy with your thoughts, Finsbury Rifles is good rest dubious will put others on copy board, Cheers Billy
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