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Old 16-02-20, 04:03 AM
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Default Lapel Badges Mounting for Display.

Seeking help with badge mounting.
I am using shadow boxes to mount my military and first aid, ambulance badges for display.
The base on which the badges are to be mounted is felt over Styrofoam.
Badges that have loops present no difficulties in mounting, however those designed to fit into lapel button holes have me up against a brick wall.

I don't want to cut the moon shaped device down to a stump and so render the badge value down to a few pennies, but would be a workable option, but unwise.

The other option would be to carefuly hand cut an appropriately sized hole with a spade drill bit.........

I also need to come up with a way to mount military badges with a slider.

I would appreciate any help you may have to offer.

Kind regards
Bruce Gibbins.
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Old 18-02-20, 11:42 AM
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I agree with you: do not damage your collectables.

Note that I have never tried this:
- cut away the styrofoam to accomodate a slider or the reverse of a button hole badge.
- reinforce the cut with a |_| piece of carboard with the sides glued to the styrofoam
- cut a horizontal slit in the felt to get the slider in
- cut two slits "+ shape" to get a button hole badge in
- fill the gap between cardboard and slider to make the front sit flat on the felt.
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Old 18-02-20, 12:27 PM
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Not sure on the diameter of the button hole fastening you are seeking to accommodate, but i do know Styrofoam (through elements of my work). Depending on the thickness of your foam, you should be able to get a very neat hole easily cut through with a hand held apple corer. As to how to fix the badge itself - I would suggest thread / fishing line on the shank of the fastener which could be tied to something stretching across the rear of the hole - this could be recessed into the rear of the Styrofoam if need be. Pulling it tight against this retaining pin/bar/piece should hold it securely and not damage the badge. For a professional finish, I would only just cut a thin slot through the felt and slot the badge into it, the badge will be held tight against the felt by the tension in the thread / fishing line.
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