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Old 22-11-16, 06:40 PM
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Default Can anyone identify this badge? Possibly NATO

The identity of this badge was asked in another forum that I frequent and as no one was able to ID it there, I thought there might be better luck on this site.

The speculation was that it was a NATO organizational badge of some sort because of similarity with the ACLANT emblem. Anyone have any ideas?
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Old 23-11-16, 03:23 AM
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Default NATO Badge

I have had a look in my NATO Insignia book by Peter Wels and the closest I can get to this badge is one for Subclant. The only difference is the gold title where your is A I C and not Subclant.
I would say it is a NATO badge

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Old 23-11-16, 07:39 PM
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Mike, thanks. Your response was very helpful.

The title scroll in the photo (it wasn't my original, but still apologize for poor quality) is actually "ASC". In the forum where this question was first raised, others also mistook the blurry "S" for an "I".

Using your info as a starting point, I come to this conclusion.

The Wels' book that you referenced was published in 1993 (I looked it up) and thus would have predated many of the changes in NATO organization that likely resulted in a slew of new acronyms and abbreviations (as well as badges). Just as ACLANT transformed (sort of) into MARCOM (whose badge incorporates the previous ACLANT emblem as one of its elements) it is possible that the former SUBCLANT may now be Allied Submarine Command (ASC) and simply swapped acronyms on its badge. ASC, as a separate and individual organization, is likely not a very large and distinct command, probably with many of its staff being involved in other national (read USN) organizations. Its commander, an American vice-admiral is triple (or more) hatted.
. . . As commander, Submarine Forces he is the Undersea Domain lead, and is responsible for the submarine force's strategic vision. As commander, Submarine Force Atlantic, he commands all Atlantic-based U.S. submarines, their crews and supporting shore activities. These responsibilities also include duties as commander, Task Force (CTF) 144, CTF 84; commander, Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Forces Western Atlantic; and CTF 46. As commander, Allied Submarine Command, he provides advice to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Strategic Commanders on submarine related issues.
Again, thanks

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