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Old 28-11-19, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Alan O View Post
This is from a well known faker.

I have yet to see ne of these that I would regard as anything else than fantasy.
Just seen the badge on the brighter green background listed on Geoff Newman’s site. For all the world it looks right to me and is different from the previously believed ‘fantasy’ badge sans circlet honour - a theory which I was a supporter of.

However I believe this badge may be a game changer to the theory of no honours whatsoever = fantasy.

Also you can see on Geoff’s badge the feint remnants of the honour in the circlet, clearly where the die was hobbed and the letters replaced with seeding. That aside the badge ticks the boxes with its quality, the position of the loops, style of loops, voiding around the dragon, the brass strips, colour of the braze etc. All traits contemporary with an early badge and vastly different to the fake.

It’s worth noting the badges are from different dies. Among other differences note there are two dots under the T of REGT on Geoff’s rather than the underscore _ line on what I would now deem and term the ‘fake’.
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Old 28-11-19, 06:16 PM
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The original badges had the honour on the circlet - as you say these can be found with various degrees of erasure. The ones made blank are modern copies imo where as the originals were made with the incorrect honour and then erased.

I have seen at least one with the Arros motto that escaped the regimental modification.

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Old 28-11-19, 10:14 PM
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Prior to the KC pattern, all Militia and VB badges carried the “Honi Soit... “ motto. Also blanking over the circle would also have to be done over the cross arms if a regular badge die was used.

I did once have this badge with Honi the pre-1902 tradition continued, why they would then blank is out is a mystery.
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Old 02-12-19, 07:18 PM
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self deleted..

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border, forage, militia, vols

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