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Old 23-05-22, 11:20 AM
ianh67military ianh67military is offline
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Default SFM?

Have seen this on a few internet sites, along with mention of Exercise BLACK SERPENT.
Presume this is an acronym for Special Forces Medic. Have been told they’re possibly wearing a new SFM wing? Similar to the Signals SFC wing?
Presume if attached they wear the beret colour of SAS, SRR, SBS? Plus an RAMC beret badge? Or have they gone full on and like 18 Sigs are wearing a new beret badge too?
Grateful for any info. PM if sensitive?

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Old 23-05-22, 12:00 PM
grey_green_acorn's Avatar
grey_green_acorn grey_green_acorn is offline
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There is an illustrated article in the May 2022 of The Bulletin of the Military Historical Society. It shows the crest, stable belt, buckle and the SFM wings.

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Old 23-05-22, 12:39 PM
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I've no idea about berets and badges but I know there were two different type of SF "medic".

The first was the badged UKSF operators who have trained as patrol medics , they did a course which included advanced resuscitation, tropical medicine, basic primary healthcare, advanced trauma management and pharmacology. They also did an attachment usually at local hospital where they spent time in the Accident and Emergency unit /Resusitation room and Trauma/Emergency Operating Rooms. A few passed through (and one passed out !) of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in the 1980's when I worked there.

The second are Combat Medical Technicians (RAMC) part of the UKSF Medical Support Unit. They had to do a two week 'selection' course , "Black Serpent" , the entry requirement was having Combat Medical Technician class 1 training.

Perhaps they have updated/changed the training or created a "new" unit recently ?

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Old 23-05-22, 04:24 PM
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I am all ears here as I am not familiar with these insignia for SF Medics. Can anyone share pictures of what they wear? Going to need to add them to my want list I suspect.


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