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Old 28-09-21, 03:41 PM
ajc347 ajc347 is online now
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Default Royal West Kent Aligarh Theatre Made Badge

Iíve just purchased this badge and it has been stored in a display frame for what appears to be a number of years.

Itís only upon opening the frame that I have been able to confirm that it appears to be an Indian theatre made badge.

Iím struggling to confirm the name of the marker and most Aligarh manufactured badges I have seen are also stamped UP (for United Provinces) as opposed to being dated.

In terms of the date, Iím reading it as being 1945 and this would coincide with the time the 4th battalion was serving in India and Burma.

Any thoughts or opinions regarding the badge or maker would be most welcome.
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Old 28-09-21, 06:48 PM
Sonofacqms's Avatar
Sonofacqms Sonofacqms is offline
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Default RWK cast

Without having the badge in hand, it looks OK to me, the time the 4th battalion was serving in India and Burma could well be correct as an original badge.

As with all cast badges you do have to be prepared for it being of modern manufacture, although I think this one is good.

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Old 28-09-21, 07:41 PM
Alan O's Avatar
Alan O Alan O is offline
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Looks OK to me.
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Old 28-09-21, 08:35 PM
cbuehler cbuehler is online now
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One of many makers from Aligarh. It could actually be pre ww2 as well. I don't think this is a modern copy.

Bdr. Parker Windle MM, A Btry. 210th (E. Lancs.) RFA WW1 , fr. Burnley
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Old 01-10-21, 03:51 PM
ajc347 ajc347 is online now
Join Date: Jun 2021
Posts: 128

Thanks guys. I also posted the badge up on a Facebook group and, interestingly, another person posted pictures of the same badge, but with slightly clearer stamping on the slider.

Their badge clearly shows the date as being 1945. The makers name is still not 100% clear on their example, though.
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Old 01-10-21, 08:55 PM
KLR's Avatar
KLR KLR is offline
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I have two KLR badges by these companies:

Here is these two Theatre made badges information that I could find...I

1: Indian
65 Indian made bi-metal cast badge

-The White Horse of Hanover rearing on a torse with alternate twists , in white metal. Below, a scroll inscribed KING’S in ‘Old English’ letters, in gilding metal. Cast, scroll attached with 2 rivets. Slider 39/11 (CHATUR BIHARI & BROS / ALIGARH.U.P. 1.8) 47 x 43.
Very well made, riveted rather than brazed, a version of Type 1
16L, Welsh, Loyals, SWB, Leicesters made by them too
1st bn arr 20 Mar 1932, Jubbulpore India, late 35 to Multan, Nov 37 to Landi Khotal, Kh Pass, late 38 to Peshawar, Nov 41 to Ferozepur, July 43 snt to join 77th Bde at Orchha, nr Jhansi.
spr 45 became 15th (Kin’s) Para bn. Remnants to form new bn Dehra Dun. Jan 46 to Meerut, April 47 susp animation and cadre to UK
info from the grandson of Chatur Bihari Sharma:
The firm M/S Chatur Bihari & Bros., Pala Sahibabad, Aligarh U.P. was
established by Shri Chatur Bihari Lal Sharma, a member of a landlord
family. They were 4 brothers. The firm manufactured and supplied
TICKET DATING PRESSES, BADGES, BUTTONS for MILITARY and POLICE, BRASS, POSTAL SCALES and GREASE GUNS. They were 4 brothers - Shri Chatur, Bihari Lal Sharma (Advocate), Shri Avadh Bihari Lal Sharma (Er.), Shri Prem Bihari Lal Sharma (Special Magistrate First Class) and Prof. Phool Bihari Sharma. After the death of Shri Chatur Bihari Lal, the
firm declined. Among the brothers, Prof. P.B.Sharma, Retired
Professor, Aligarh Muslim University, is surviving. The firm was
reputed for its quality products.

The company started in the 4th decade around 1933 by Shri Chatur Bihari Lal Sharma. It was finished after his death in 1980s. But the badge manufacturing finished around 1972. We still have some very old specimens of those badges. Our company was first in India to manufacture NCC (National Cadet Corps)

So circa 1933-72
13th Bn raised after Dunkirk, June 1940 Newtown N Wales Lt Col JE Dunbar-Kilburn
Dec 41 – now under Lt Col WM Robinson ordered to India via Cape
Arr India Jan 1942, sent to Secunderabad, June 1942 , joined 77th (Indian) Bde – Chindits returned early 44 Disbanded 5th Dec 45
V.R. / BOMBAY wm title made by Johnson & Co, Aligarh (Butcher)
Worcs Regt cap badge nicely cast, slider marked B.N SHARMA&Co ALIGARH U.P (BMBF)
Another King’s badge marked
3656508 Sgt.Dennis Brown of the 13th King’s (formerly of South Lancs Regt) wore an unmarked cast badge that was presumably picked up in India – cf PB collection
Liverpools. Unmarked cast badges
Dennis kept a diary from 1/1/1943 until 13/5/1943 which together with a transcript is included in the items I acquired. On 13/5/43 the diary was taken from Dennis by the Intelligence Officer adn only given back to him when they reached Napier Barracks in Karachi.

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Old 06-10-21, 08:14 PM
ajc347 ajc347 is online now
Join Date: Jun 2021
Posts: 128

Thanks for posting the information up Julian - it has been very interesting to read.
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