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Old 16-02-20, 11:15 AM
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Default Rogue Gurkha Titles

Thought I'd share my 'Rogues Gallery' of fake Gurkha Titles picked up over time. It appears these may be made in limited numbers as the market has not been flooded. Worryingly it appears that the Gurkha Museum insignia publications are being used for reference (as the 3rd Goor Khas with the gap is very unusual but in this example to large).
Like most I have no issues with Gap fillers made and marketed as such.
The top left, 2nd Goorkhas is the wrong colour. the one below is correct but fake.
Most Pakistan made with the usual spaghetti covered with either Black or light coloured material.

Steve MIMG_0455 (1).jpg
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Old 16-02-20, 02:01 PM
peter monahan peter monahan is offline
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I'm very glad I never had the 'opportunity' to collect IA and Gurkha cloth badges. Waaay too high a 'dodgy/good' ratio IMHO.
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Old 17-02-20, 01:16 AM
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Nice of you to post this, but I wonder how anyone can be fooled by these. They all look new to me.
Would be nice if you or anyone else could post examples of fake/copy Gurkha badges. But I suppose there are too many of them!!
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