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Old 10-05-19, 04:07 PM
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Very strange fitting indeed.
Not seen that on any other badge either. Usually the bar type shaped like a cropped pyramid.
I can only think of RRF,RWF and Solihull CCF on anodised that have a hackle holder fitted to the badge.

I did see a few days back ,an RWF with the lugs removed then refitted north and south. I presume this was to fit to the chrome plate for the belt.
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Old 10-05-19, 04:49 PM
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All interesting little variations.
RRF's stable belt plate bore what was in effect the anod al beret badge but produced without the hackle attachment and with shorter lugs.
You find the beret badge with hackle attachment broken off being used as an improvised stable belt badge and the stable belt badge painted black for use as an improvised beret badge for NI wear.
The stable belts were of impractical design, an anod al badge fitted to a brass belt plate with a cotter pin and for some goodness knew why reason with two small brass washers.
The badge got worn and damaged easily and the brass work needed Brassoing front and back, so the badge had to be constantly removed and replaced and if the badge lugs got broken you had to adapt a beret badge or buy a complete new belt and plate.
The QMs scrutinised all beret badges offered for exchange to ensure that no one was attempting to pull a fast one with a belt plate badge.
Beret badges usually broke at the junction of ball and flames and both parts had to be produced, not just one.
At least, that were it in mah day back in't 70's.
I don't know what sort of arrangement RWF had with belt plates and fittings, but the grenade badges look a little more substantial at the junction of ball and flame than the RRF design.
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