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Old 05-12-08, 10:05 PM
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Hi guys,
this Xrifles/wreath/star badge was worn in GM & BB by Australians, around the late 30's,I think(?). A lot of these ,& other Aussie trade badges( & Chaplain's BB cap & collar sets) in these metals with a few in WM also,were sold off by the National War Museum in Canberra in the 90's. All origionally came from Army stores. Boxes & boxes of them ! Some dealers here still have a lot of the various items, but at present I can only locate( from a dealer friend) some spare backing plates for the big 'marksman's' badge.
Will dig further, if required.
Cheers !
Steve (NZ)

PS: I wonder if some of these have strayed into the UK market ,without the relevent background info. ??
PPS: Others in the 3 different metal/colours, from memory here now, were Pioneers(straighter axe handles than Brit variety),wheelwright,signals,KC musicians,MG,LMG,etc ( the last ones in Gothic script,within the laurel wreath).
In GM & BB only, remember Marksman, Marksman/wreath/star, KC Artillery Cap & arm Field-Gun badge & crown.
There were more also,but cannot recall them at present.

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Old 06-12-08, 02:17 PM
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Thank you. There are many badges around in UK which are not official issue, some may well be Australian in origin.

The 'Bible' on official issue is the series of Priced Vocabulary of Clothing and Necessaries, supplemented by Clothing Regs and the ledgers of the Royal Army Clothing Department.

Other than curiosity value, the [mostly gilding metal] versions made to the correct design but not the official material have no place in a genuine collection. Which is a pity because they are indeed very handsome.
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