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Old 11-04-19, 03:26 PM
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Phil2M Phil2M is offline
Join Date: Jul 2011
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So rather than being a collector, you are a researcher?

Buying, researching and then selling on, that isn't collecting. Not in my opinion anyway.

Buying, researching and then presenting items or storing them in a fitting manner. Thats collecting. Safeguarding of a small piece of history.

To have bought items including 'holy grails', done a little bit of research and then sold them on a bit further down the road......what has been collected? In these cases, I do not believe that there was ever an intent to collect. Funding the next fad is the name of the game there.

This thread title is inaccurate at best, given that collecting and what is truly collecting is a personal thing. Whether its eclectic, area specific or even to an extent hoarded. Whether that's for investment (to fund retirement) or to be buried with you, or handed on to the next generation, makes no odds. There is a collection physically there, with a true intent to grow it.

Does any collector, really, truly, want to sell any part of their collection? Trading or selling spare (duplicate items) to acquire the next sought after item, maybe. I'm sure no true collector wants to sell their 'holy grails'.

There is always the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of the find and then of course the thrill of owning something and treasuring it.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
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Old 11-04-19, 03:30 PM
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Thanks for that Phil,

All really good points and food for thought.



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British Militia Buttons.
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Old 11-04-19, 05:42 PM
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grey_green_acorn grey_green_acorn is offline
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My collection started in about 1959 so I have been a collector for 60 years! I have only once sold items from my collection and have regretted it ever since. This was back in the early 1990s when I needed to fund a daughter at university. I parted with my 500 plus cloth shoulder title collection including many printed and scarce titles. I sold them as one lot to another collector who resold most to a dealer. I probably received a little more than I paid for them but not enough to repay the time and effort taken to assemble the collection. I have since tried to rebuild it but have been unable to replace many of the scarcer items.

Without doubt I enjoy the 'thrill of the chase' at militaria fairs and on-line. Other than through eBay I have never bought at auction.

My collection covers most items of British Army insignia from 1908 to date and includes Cap badges, Collar badges, Shoulder Titles, Rank Badges, Trade and Qualification Badges, Formation Badges, Lanyards and Buttons. From the mid 1990s I have concentrated on collecting "current" items as can be seen in my 57 Albums on the Forum which show about 7,000 items but so far I have not shown everything in the collection. I also have a reasonable selection of Royal Marines items

I have been a Forum member for nearly 10 years and thoroughly enjoy the identification mysteries and enquiries. I try to provide relevant and accurate information with references and photo evidence where available.

I believe that I am a true collector.

"Manui dat cognitio vires - Knowledge gives strength to the arm"
"Better to know it but not need it than to need it and not know it!"
"Have more than thou showest, speak less than thou knowest."
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Old 11-04-19, 06:54 PM
cavalryman cavalryman is offline
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Location: England
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My mother worked in Easons Bookshop in Belfast's Central Railway station, and whenever a soldier came in she would ask them about the cap badge they wore and if they had a spare one for her wee boy (he's mad about the Army) needless to say I amassed quite a collection of staybright's, but to me they are priceless and I would never ever think of selling any of them. I'm definitely a collector.
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Old 12-04-19, 09:36 AM
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High Wood High Wood is offline
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I think that there is a fine line between collecting and obsessive hoarding that I struggle with. I have specific collecting interests that I try to adhere to but, as I get offered "job lots" of militaria by several house clearance people, I find it hard to stick to them, particularly if there are items that are scarce or unusual. Consequently, I have quite a few collecting themes, some of which are growing at a very slow rate, others much faster. I also find that acquiring an item outside my usual interest tends to provoke research, background reading and a strong desire not to part with the item.

The downside of buying "job lots" from house clearances is that you cannot be too picky in refusing items that are offered as there is a queue of people behind you who will gladly change places. So, while I get a few items that are not so desirable and which I will sell on, I get a few outstanding items that I could not afford if they were on dealer's lists.

I am most interested in the story that an item tells and have become quite obsessive about keeping other related items such as, letters, paperwork and photographs together.

I think that I am a true collector but my Mrs thinks that I am a hoarder.
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