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Old 14-03-17, 06:29 PM
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Default The Colour Party of the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry at Montreuil, 1919.

© IWM (Q 7340)

© IWM (Q 7335)Consecration of the King's Colours presented to the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry at Montreuil, 1919.
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Old 14-03-17, 10:03 PM
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That's a nice picture, but of course it's not a "Kings Colour". You'll note there is no regimental device in the centre and no battle honours. Service bns did not have colours but were all presented with a "Service Banner" if they still existed in 1919. The actual banner hangs in St Peter Port church alongside the King's Colour of the !st Bn Royal Guernsey Militia which inherited the battle honours of the 1st (S) Bn RGLI.

The RGLI of WW1 fame was a regiment of the British army raised in 1916 when the militia was suspended for the duration.

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