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Old 28-01-21, 11:58 PM
GeorgeLesnik GeorgeLesnik is offline
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Default Uniform identification

Default Uniform identification
Hello everyone,

Slightly different request to identify uniforms of family members from pre- and post-WWII.

I understand the first picture is of a Royal Navy or Royal Marines private, the second of a young private in the Royal Ulster Rifles and the third (same man as the second) in the North West Frontier.

Keen to know if you can figure out anything else.

Appreciate your help.

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Old 29-01-21, 12:12 AM
cbuehler cbuehler is online now
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Well, the first picture is Royal Marines. Other than that, I can't think of anything else to say as you have it all correct.
The photo in India shows the solar topee or "Bombay bowler" style of helmet, which was of course different from the more common Wolseley helmet.
Some battalions wore them and others the Wolseley. I don't know the reason for this, other than they were made of thicker pith and more effective than the thin Wolseley.

Bdr. Parker Windle MM, A Btry. 210th (E. Lancs.) RFA WW1 , fr. Burnley
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Old 29-01-21, 08:27 AM
Colin S Colin S is offline
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The photo of the Royal Marine shows a white covered hat, which is post World War Two (as wartime hats had navy blue tops) and the open neck ‘1949 pattern’ battledress top with tie is also post WWII. My guess is the 1950s - National Service? The use of the peaked hat and white belt is a ceremonial feature and was common use to both commando (green beret) and ‘sea service’ (blue beret) marines. Berets and a boot-polish blackened 1937 pattern belt were worn for normal duties, together with blackened anklets and boots. (The commando green beret becoming universal after 1960.)

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Old 29-01-21, 12:08 PM
Sunray9's Avatar
Sunray9 Sunray9 is offline
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The 'Marine' is also wearing a white lanyard on his left shoulder, this would appear to indicate that he is still under training and a member of either the 'Senior Squad' at The Depot, Deal Kent or approaching Pass Out as King's Squad at ITCRM Lympstone.
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Old 02-02-21, 01:16 PM
GeorgeLesnik GeorgeLesnik is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2019
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Thanks, everyone. This is super helpful.

Really appreciate it.
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