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Old 04-01-21, 05:59 AM
SemperFi SemperFi is offline
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Default Question For RFA Collectors: Blackened 1916 GM Economy

I recently added the attached blackened RFA 1916 GM badge to my collection. Itís a legit badge, but its blackening made me curious.

Iím assuming the badge was either blackened on the initiative of its owner or under battery directive, but am reaching out to the Forumís arty subject matter experts to learn if were there any British RFA batteries, or higher formations, that wore blackened badges during that timeframe?

In other words, were there specific RFA units that wore blackened badges akin to blackened badges worn by some TF infantry units?

Thanks for your help!

E6F0A919-7C28-4F65-80C9-D4E72F597260.jpg C4D80DA0-3D66-4B4F-87B0-49C12801E69F.jpg

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Old 08-01-21, 12:34 AM
cbuehler cbuehler is offline
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There were no officially blackened RA badges; however, if you search this forum regarding blackened badges (there is a recent thread under general topics),
you will find that many units blackened their badges in the field during WW1 and perhaps WW2 as well. Something to do with camouflage apparently.
The RA did not have 1916 economy badges. They were all GM (excepting the Territorial WM, which were mostly no longer worn during the war I believe.)
Bdr. Parker Windle MM, A Btry. 210th (E. Lancs.) RFA WW1 , fr. Burnley

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Old 08-01-21, 08:46 AM
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CB whilst you are correct that they did not have a badge in the 1916 'economy' list there was a WW1 version made.

The RA, RE and ASC badges were all authorised to be made either completely unpierced or with less voiding to reduce production time. KLR has the chapter and verse.

The Ra version shown her is an example of that badge. They were unpopular and there was a subsequent version authorised in 1917 with the voids back and a reinforcing to the slider.

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