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Old 11-01-18, 09:31 PM
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Rob Miller Rob Miller is online now
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Devonshire
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Devonshire Regiment

Vehicle related badges, anything worn by motorcyclists, cyclists or drivers.

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Old 12-01-18, 04:00 AM
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fairlie63 fairlie63 is offline
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British Commonwealth artillery badges in the following forms:
- all to Royal Australian Artillery,
- the 'gun' badge post 1902,
- non- 'gun' head-dress badges to Britcom artillery,
- collars,
- embroidered red letters on blue titles,
- representative metal shoulder titles,
- the 'gun' arm badge for artillery senior NCOs,
- artillery proficiency badges.

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Old 12-01-18, 01:07 PM
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yorkstone yorkstone is offline
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Staffordshire
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Default Collecting to Stone Staffordshire and surrounding Villages

Collecting to Stone Staffordshire and surrounding Villages See link below medals badges uniforms etc to my home town is my main passion. My Avitar is Stone's main War memorial. Recent items Casualty pair to the town and Staffs Yeomanry Brit War Medal both men lived close to my child hood home within1/4 of a mile.

Badges buttons and medals and general militaria what ever takes my fancy. I have an interest in Japanese items and German also.

Recently I have been aquireing Belgium Military items mostly medals some badges and helmets WW 1-2 period.



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Old 12-01-18, 08:56 PM
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Luc Luc is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Delft, Netherlands
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Airborne forces with a focus on Glider Pilot Regiment
Royal Army Chaplains Department
WW2 forces in exile
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Old 13-01-18, 12:29 PM
William Brooks's Avatar
William Brooks William Brooks is offline
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British and Canadian insignia from units that served in Normandy.

British Airborne uniforms and insignia.
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Old 13-01-18, 06:47 PM
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dragon166 dragon166 is offline
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Location: Oxfordshire
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Default Collections

I mainly collect RAF, ROC and ATC but also have smaller collections of commonwealth Air Forces. Always looking for items such as Boy Entrant/Apprentice hatbands, Cranwell gorgets etc.

I also collect worldwide medal ribbons and have an extensive collection.
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Old 23-01-18, 05:26 AM
sniperbait sniperbait is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Brisbane, Australia
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Default My collection

Just to add to the thread. I am now ex Royal Australian Artillery (1995-2016). I collect Commonwealth artillery badges in the style of the Royal Artillery badge ie the post 1902 design. I have just about (will have to recount) 360 different variants from 22 Commonwealth countries and colonies. I know there are others I have missed on buying because some collectors have deeper pockest than me and I didn't think I could slip a payment passed my wife!! I am looking to get a better digital camera with a decent macro lense so I can record them and possibly post to a website for others to view and comment on as I don't have the history on many of them. A concern for me now is what to do with this collection when I pass on, but hopefully that's a few years off at the moment.
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Old 10-02-18, 06:39 PM
KC13 KC13 is offline
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Default Canadian WW2, Korea and Rhodesia

I have just started collecting. I began with my father's unit (WW2 Canadian Forestry Corps), then my uncle (Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Korea). I have yet to find details on another uncle from WW2. I remember my father said he was a mechanic of some sort.

My Rhodesian interests stem from a former girlfriend and tales related by her family.
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Old 15-02-18, 09:45 AM
West Yorkshire Man West Yorkshire Man is offline
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Location: Shipley, West Yorkshire
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Wink West Yorkshire Man

Hello to all, I am a relatively new member and badge collector from Bradford West Yorkshire, who likes to collect WW1 cap badges and shoulder titles. Inparticularly Machine Gunners, Yorkshire Regiments, Palls Battalions and other assorted badges that take my fancy such as skills and proficiency insignia,I also have a few uniform buttons to display with the cap badges and shoulder titles.
I have a reasonable knowledge on the subject picked up from various books, forums and visits to badge and medal fairs,but have occasionally been duped by the odd re strike and good copy.
I usually ask about provenance before purchase, but in some cases this can not be relied on as factual we all well know.
Although at this time my collection is relatively small (115 pieces), some of them are quite nice and even desirable.
I also collect Britain and Thomas Gun military figures, and various pieces of memorabilia, all pertaining to WW1.
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