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Old 18-12-20, 11:55 PM
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In reference to the Coventry Ordnance badge. I accept fully that the turnover of workers may have necessitated the re-use and consequent renumbering of a badge to save money. However, it would strike me as strange that having used the brass badge several times as an economy measure that the company would then issue the enamelled version. Although slight differences in the enamelling might exist between individual badges, I venture the opinion that the longest serving munition workers would have been recognised at the end of the war for their efforts by the award of the enamelled version (a sort of ‘did their bit’ tribute badge). It would explain why so few appear for sale.
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Old 19-12-20, 07:13 AM
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Hi James and Mike

I like your reasoning and think that you may have a good point there. That there are more than a few out there AND that they seem to more or less follow a similar colour scheme would point towards some special distinction (a la "did his/her bit" badges).

My badge has a "half moon" clip and the example Mike shows is a pin back. The rule of thumb that I was told to work to is that most pin backs are for wear by women (borne out by the name scratched on the back of the badge) and that the lapel fitting is for a man.

Mind you, I do have badges with the lapel fitting removed (with varying degrees of skill...) and a pin back put in its place.

As most of these standard COW badges were numbered (many times as we have seen!), the fact that the enameled versions are not would suggest that they no longer had a "work" function but were worn as "symbols of services rendered".
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Old 19-12-20, 10:18 AM
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While it would be great if these badges turn out to be a token of thanks from the company my own view (from when I first saw them) is that an enterprising local artisan/jeweller simply 'enamelled' the worker's own badge to turn it into a sweetheart/dress item.

The quality/uniformity of the badges is lacking and as the basic badges came with three different fittings (buttonhole, basic pin and safety pin) it would seem probable that if the enamel ones were 'presentation' items they would all have the same secure fitting (safety pin ?). Also you would expect 'presentation' items to have some detail , name/number , properly stamped/engraved on them.

As with a lot of badges from this era the lack of detailed information means that we rely on opinions and conjecture but over time more details may turn up.

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Old 04-01-21, 06:48 AM
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Default Unissued 1915 badge?

Found this standard 1915 badge apparently unissued and complete with its numbered box.

Proof that they didn't always get the quality control 100% is the large "blob" of solder(?) that has been left on the front of the badge...
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