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Old 10-03-22, 05:17 PM
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The one for sale at Bosleys didnt sell.
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Old 10-03-22, 05:54 PM
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I think the days of those getting 3 figures are long gone. Quite a few have come onto the market recently and sold for very modest prices.
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Old 11-05-22, 12:58 PM
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My Example of The seldom seen badge I have only handled two others over the years.
Added my image for perusal of annual camp note this image came from Jeff Elson well known Author on the Staffordshire regiments image is from the regimental collection and also note no anomaly around any of badges

Jeff digitalised the whole of the collection.

This image is from the Staffordshire Regimental archive not a dodgy source and as it’s from the regiment I would proffer proof of the badge being worn.

It is also worth noting that Les Martin sold one recently a well known and respected Collector and dealer of militaria.


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Old 12-05-22, 06:35 PM
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Well these are the facts that I know:

1960 Green 1960 combats replace BD but it takes some years for the TA to receive the same.
May 1961 5th and 6th Bns North Staffs merge.
1962 Queen Elizabeth reviews the Staffs TA who are wearing South and North Staffs cap badges - photo and film posted earlier.
1966 Latest Edn of Major Edward's book records that Regular badges are worn.
April 1967 5th/6th North Staffs disbanded and remnants merged with South Staffs TA.
1968 New Edn of Major Edward's book records the use of the anodised single staffs as a cap badge.
1968 The Staffs TA are reorganised once more to form a new Mercian TA regt.

We know from Chris Marsh's research that the regiments request to have the badge approved as their official cap badge was rejected.

On that basis I think you have enough information to narrow the window of wear down to 1967. This would give you a date of the photo of July 1967. Unfortunately I cannot find any record online of where the 6/7th North Staffs attended summer camp in 1967. to confirm that it was the IOM.

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Old 14-05-22, 06:46 PM
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The ship providing the backdrop in the photo, Mona’s Isle, was according to the net a steam ship operated between 1951-1980 by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.

The ‘Steam Packet’ ports would appear to be Liverpool, Heysham, Dublin and Belfast to Douglas.

So the boat does tie in with Isle of Man.
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