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Old 23-06-23, 04:19 PM
PaulS PaulS is offline
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Default Query on Cloth CD and ICDS badges.

I have half a dozen CD and ICDS cloth badges, with some variations that I'm seeking advice about. The composite image attached shows both front and back of each badge, numbered 1 to 6 from left to right (No.6 un-labelled).

In general, I'd like to know which are genuine and which are repros, please.

There are some specific differences in detail, as follows:

1 and 2 (English King's Crown) are both clean and seemingly unused. They differ in the length of black stitching under the jewels in the crown.

3 (Scottish King's Crown) is also seemingly unused, but has stitching to the rear.

4 (English Queen's Crown) is stained and seemingly used, but has no stitching marks indicating attachment to a uniform

5 (ICDS Queen's Crown) is somewhat worn and has remnants of stitching indicating attachment to a uniform

6 (ICDS Queen's Crown) is clean and seemingly unused. It has five black stiches under the jewels in the crown, whereas No.5 has only 3 such stitches.

Thank you!
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Old 23-06-23, 04:35 PM
Rob Miller's Avatar
Rob Miller Rob Miller is online now
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I can't believe anyone would fake these post 1948 badges, they are so common, I suspect they are just makers variants.

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Old 23-06-23, 07:10 PM
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I agree with Rob, it wouldn't be worth faking them - unless it was a particularly rare local variant. I remember back in the early 80s dealers having bundles of unused badges and selling a badge for pennies, I still have some I bought - no idea what I paid but it wasn't much.

I am looking to purchase items from the British Administration Police & Prison Services in Cyrenaica & Tripolitania; Eritrea & Ethiopia; Somalia (f. Italian Somaliland) & British Somaliland; & the Dodecanese: insignia, documents, photographs etc.
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Old 23-06-23, 07:56 PM
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grey_green_acorn grey_green_acorn is offline
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Have you seen this site covering WW2 Civil Defence?

Here for post-war insignia

"Manui dat cognitio vires - Knowledge gives strength to the arm"
"Better to know it but not need it than to need it and not know it!"
"Have more than thou showest, speak less than thou knowest."

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Old 23-06-23, 09:03 PM
PaulS PaulS is offline
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Default Thank you

Thanks for the various comments and links. New to this field, and really not sure what types of badges are being reproduced and which, like these, are simply in good original supply.
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civil defence, industrial civil defence

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