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Old 25-10-11, 01:49 AM
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Default Mil Col crest - Crown info

I researched the following profile on the Royal Military College Saint-Jean crest for e-veritas, the alumni journal of the Royal Military Colleges Club.

In response, an alumni, noted that I 'covered every word, colour and object forming part of that crest save for mention of the royal crown'. I could have mentioned that the crest features a Queen's crown vice a King's crown. Any idea what else could I have added about the crown?

The structure of the crest is typical of Canadian military colleges, the one for Royal Military College Saint-Jean is distinguished by the torse’s colours and the gold maple leaves. This motto `Vérité Devoir Vaillance; Truth Duty Valour` is used by Canadian military colleges. The book in the centre of the shield on crossed swords indicates that the college is a teaching institution within a military mandate. The maple leaves and fleurs-de-lis symbolize Canada and Quebec. The blue and white colours echo those in the flag of Quebec. The blue field also signals that the predecessor college was originally administered by the Royal Canadian Air Force. The three mural crowns represent the military heritage of the site of the college (the first fort having been built in 1666), covering the French period, the British period, and the Canadian period.
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Old 25-10-11, 03:08 AM
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Victoria: The crown is the St. Edward's crown, commonly called the Queen's Crown, and is emblematic of Queen Elizabeth II, adopted for usage with her succession to the throne in 1953, vs. the Tudor Crown (King's Crown) used prior, under George VI's reign. The crown itself is symbolic of the reigning monarch and the allegiance sworn to her/him. The crown itself needs to be the top-most element on the badge or crest. I'm sure you know all this, as did your alumni, but I guess knowing it and his seeing it in print are two different things.

I'd grant that may not be particularly popular in Québec to wave anything crown-like about, given its symbolism as allegiance to the British monarchy. As you can see in this eBay listing, crowns have a tendency to disappear at times from French Canadian badges.
David S.
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