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Old 04-11-18, 10:43 AM
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I think with many such books, they are good as id guides but not perhaps as good for authentication.

I still ordered a copy.

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Old 04-11-18, 02:09 PM
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Bilton says that 4 battalions of the RWF wore collar badges as cap badges.
I am informed that if he meant officers only of these battalions he might be correct.
Potentially misleading at best.
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Old 12-01-19, 08:02 PM
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My copy arrived yesterday and, while I was dismayed at some of the mistakes, I was heartened by the authorís sincere request for corrections, examples, and additional information for a second edition.

It would be a great service to the hobby if forum members would contact the author in this regard.
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Old 12-01-19, 11:29 PM
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Cool Book previews

I have not seen this particular publication and from reading the posts there seems to be some fake badges illustrated which may be "representative" but to any newcomer to badge collecting as it's in print it will be regarded as a yardstick for collecting.

With modern communications and this forum has many very experienced collectors I think before putting ink to paper I would cast around amongst forum members for their opinions on a particular aspect of badges.

Having worked for most of my life in the printing industry I have seen some absolute howlers offered by authors and if possible spoken to them and advised them as to the errors they were about to commit to print.

This is by no means any criticism, but a general view of things in print.

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