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Old 18-01-19, 06:08 PM
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Amdt 2 - how did I miss that. Blame jetlag/dotage again! Mike
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Old 19-01-19, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike Jackson View Post
The German intelligence publication, "Das Britische Kriegsheer - Feb 44" (amended up to 20 May 44) lists diablo signs for four Tk Bdes: 1 Tk Bde - Red, 21 Army Tk Bde - Yellow, 23 Tk Bde -Green (designation amended 20 May 44 to 41 Tk Bde, 25 Tk Bde - Black. It is probable that the designation 41 Tk Bde was "fed" to German intelligence as part of a deception plan - eg the notional 42 Tk Bde was notionally in India. The mention of the yellow diablo is interesting - did the Germans get it from a 21 Tk Bde PoW or from the painted sign on a knocked out tank in Tunisia?
In the Double-Cross System by J Masterman he states that an agent passed the pamphlet GHQ, Corps and Divisional signs to the Germans through the Spaniards in September 1941, an early example of us gaining the confidence of the German intelligence agencies through double agents.
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Old 29-01-19, 03:30 PM
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I'm really intrigued as to why the initial yellow diabolo would be changed to a blue diabolo and will be doing some more 'digging' at TNA next month. Fingers crossed I can find something. Seems quite a drastic measure to change, not the formation sign, but it's colour for no apparent reason? Is there any precedence in the diabolo system for a colour change?
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