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Old 17-09-11, 05:22 PM
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Default RAF Education Officers' collar badges

I have come across this slightly old thread but thought that the following information may be helpful. The badge was authorised in 1940 under AMWO A116. The badges were worn on the collar above the VR badge between 1940 and 1948. The larger badges (30mm high) were for service dress and the smaller ones were worn in mess dress. All Education Officers wore the standard RAF service dress cap badge.
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Old 18-09-11, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by rockape560 View Post
hi bc,

as an ex rockape i have to agree with the above that this is a collar badge.all ref officers wore the same hat/cap badge but with different collars for what they did.
hope this helps

The sole Branch to hold out for its own badge was Chaplains, until 1 Jan 93 when it succumbed to uniformity, losing its cap badge, but gaining, it is said, a light blue clerical shirt as part of uniform. The badge has 3 fixtures, for cap badge, collar badge, and SSO/pullover/Officiating Chaplain: viz blades, lugs, and broach pin.
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Old 19-09-11, 03:40 PM
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Interesting notes. Are these direct quotes from dress regulations or Air Ministry Orders?

I ask as I question the use of the larger badge on the service Dress and smaller on the mess dress. The badge was introduced on February 22nd 1940 under Air Ministry Order (AMO - what is AMWO, its not a term Ive seen before?) 116/40, and abolished under AMO 368/48 of June 14th 1948.There was no mess dress during the war, it having been abolished for the duration, only being reintroduced about 1947. Therefore, for most of the badges life there was no mess dress for it to be worn on.

I have a pair of EO collar badges given to me by a wartime EO, and these are the small type, which he wore on his Service dress, while all photos I have seen of RAF EOs show the smaller version worn on the service dress collar. Its possible that the ruling of large for SD and small for MD was made after the war, before the badge was abolished, but its otherwise something that goes against all the evidence.
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