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Old 24-11-08, 01:07 AM
Adam H Adam H is offline
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I have some theories and clues on the origins of the 73rd maple leaf cap badge, but am still hoping to find some definitive proof. Will keep digging before I offer what I THINK to be the truth behind these badges.

I've been quite certain for many years that it was never worn. If anyone has a photo of it in wear I would dearly love to see it.

I have quite a few photos of the 73rd...many of their training in Canada before going overseas, and in every photo the only (cap) badges in wear are clearly the Black Watch style glengarry badges. Later (overseas) photos all seem to have the same badges as well.

I do know that the maple leaf collars were worn (at least by officers) in Canada and England, but they were changed to St Andrew pattern before the battalion proceeded to France. Thus, all maple-leaf pattern badges were likely made in 1915, or very early 1916.

Hans, in 1914 many members of the 13th battalion (at least those who were pre-war members of the 5th RHC) wore the familiar "Boar's Head" glengarry badge. I suspect others wore the CEF General Service Badge, until the white metal 13th battalion badge was available. The battalion appears to have worn standard CEF GS maple leaf collar badges until sometime mid-late 1915.


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Old 24-11-08, 03:36 AM
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Originally Posted by dog watch View Post
But wher is leafing the other 42nd badge(Charlton no-42B), I never have seen this badge on a photo ect. of that time. whas this olso disbanded by the british when the came in England?
In Victor Taboika's book (Military Antiques and Collectibles of the Great War A Canadian Collection) there is an excerpt from the 42nd Regimental History which shows this badge. It is labelled as "Officer's Cap Badge (Other Ranks Wore Regulation Black Watch Badge)". The Charlton listing indicates both OR and Officer's versions of the badge - could this be in error?
Cheers, Ian.
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Old 24-11-08, 06:10 AM
dog watch dog watch is offline
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Thanks for the 13th adam H, her is a groop photo of 73rd, 72nd and 78th. What nice is to see that the 73rd wher the general R.H. badge, oll mebers have maphel leaf collars on and on the shoulder is the title 73RH(i'm looking stil for this styl of title, so if some body have I love to here) over genaral CANADA title. Officer have khaki glen whit general styl R.H. badge, whit the officers 73rd collars and oll mebers of the wher the leder R.H.C. sporran.
Adam what do you mean when the 73rd whent to France, which stil of collars the start to wear?
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Old 09-01-09, 12:07 PM
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A 42nd Battalion badge is on offer on ebay.
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Old 09-01-09, 01:19 PM
Alex Rice Alex Rice is offline
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Default Black Watch badges

Hi, I'm just picking up threads on the discussion about the WM/Brass badges. If I'd seen that brass badge I would have assumed it was a WWI economy. Did the BW use brass economy badges in WWI?
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Old 09-01-09, 01:53 PM
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recently discovered 'Official' information has disproved the old 'metals-saving' theory in favour of 'labour-saving', with only some of the WW1 BM badges (not every one!) listed/recognised as being applicable for this process. As always ,there are exceptions( unofficial ?), but not BW evidentaly. Seems that WW2 Canadian are the only possible 'real' examples known there.

Cheers !
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13 battalion, 42nd battalion, 73rd battalion, cef, rhc

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