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Old 06-11-08, 07:45 PM
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Tom, WOW, that's an impressive set up. Thanks for going out your way posting this to please us (Me!).

Got to get myself one of those beauties and a sporran badge too.

We all know not every collector is into the old badges and it's nice to see the more modern ones.
Regards Mike
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Old 06-11-08, 09:57 PM
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Hi Mike, Not a problem, and I know that there are the same collars on Ebay right now at a decent price.

and I just purchased this Plaid Brooch a week or so ago on Ebay. I never did see this one when I played with the band but heard they were worn.

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Old 13-01-18, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Royal Cdn Dragoon View Post
I played with the band 96-03 after it changed names to 2nd Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Pipes & Drums (2 CMBG P&D). I was principally the Drum Major and also the 2nd Bass Drummer. Our former CDS when he was 2nd Brigade Commander was really fond of the band, so much that when he was posted to Fort Hood after Petawawa, he had the band down to play at his promotion parade and post parade reception (garden party at his house). The current PM is over here in Kandahar at TFK HQ as well as a couple of current and former band mbrs. Once my tour is finished and I return home next month, I'll dig out some 2 CMBG P&D pictures and badges to post.

I recognize a couple of pers such as Scotty Durant, Brian Fisher and maybe Bobby Smith ???

As an aside 1st Motors I am formerly from Windsor, now posted too and living in St. John's NL.
Royal Cdn Dragoon,
Do you remember the names of the Pipe Majors from when you were in 2 CMBG? On my list of their P/Ms I have Peter J. Dick (from 1995) and James H. MacIntyre (till 2004) then Colin S. Clansey (2004-2009). Additional info welcome!
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