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Old 19-09-20, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Artynut View Post
Well,...... Still some part of the story missing but I think we can put the medals question to bed. It’s strange that I started this thread as a means to try to get answers not forthcoming in the thread under “Airforce” threads, concerning the unknown American’s ribbon bars displayed there. This “Magee” thread elicited more answers, especially the clarifications by Darrell. This last few days has taught me to be VERY careful when and what you read to support your ideas. I quoted “Blatherick’s book in one post but after checking the wording in the official Canadian site, Blatherwick did not expand in his written criteria concerning the CVSM. Further, when reading Darrell’s quotes from the official site concerning the War Medal, one could still believe that Magee was not entitled to this medal. ( Magee was NOT a commonwealth Citizen!) Thankfully, Darrell included the link back to the official site concerning this medal and further reading of the criteria states in essence that FOREIGN Nationals not awarded an equivalent medal from their own government WOULD be entitled to the commonwealth War Medal when having served the prescribed time in His Majesty’s Armed Forces. Thank you To all who contributed. With best regards, David J
Whilst well outside my usual sphere I’ve very much enjoyed reading this thread too.

Can I ask, is there a temporal element to any of the criteria i.e. have the goalposts moved on any of these awards from his death in 1941 to eligibility post war / now in 2020? As I was wondering if that may be an additional factor in why these were not considered or awarded at the time.
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