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Old 22-04-22, 11:33 AM
QLbadge QLbadge is offline
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Default Zimbabwe National Army Insignia

I have been interested to follow the development of insignia of the Zimbabwe National Army. As a youngster in the 80s, I would see ZNA personnel frequently and was fascinated by the camouflage, stable belts and badges. Their vehicles used to be marked with the Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo and Lion Brigade insignia.

While keeping many Regt and corps insignia from the Rhodesian Army (badges, brigade patches & stable belts) with slight modifications: ‘Zimbabwe’ vice ‘Rhodesia’ and Zimbabwe bird vice lion & tusk (although the bird was prominent on many Rhodesian badges). The ZNA has added several uniform changes including the addition of chest badges (above right pocket) for:

- the Mechanised Brigade ‘crocodile’ (incl Armd Car Regiment and Mechanised infantry Regt)
- the Commando Battalion ‘dagger’ (Commando qualification badge)
- an equitation qualification badge ‘sabre’ for troopers of the Mounted Regt (former Grey’s Scouts - still in the ZNA orbat)

Other additions include:

- the infantry cap badge (adoption of the former Rhodesian Staff Corps stable belt vice Battalion ones)
- the parachute battalion cap badge (like the British but with a bird)
- the Mechanised Infantry cap badge
- a musicians corps badge (the harp / lyre)

While I do not condone the actions of the ZNA and their part in the general decay of a once fantastic country under ZANU-PF; I none the less am interested in the development of insignia from The British Central African Army - Rhodesian - ZNA.
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Old 22-04-22, 10:26 PM
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Hello QLbadge, what variations in insignia do the Zimbabwe Artillery wear. Is there an officer type headdress badge or collar badges.

I have three variations of the basic beret badge, plus collar badges. No shoulder titles?

Regards, Keith
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Old 26-04-22, 07:46 PM
QLbadge QLbadge is offline
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I have seen a couple of variations (officers vs soldiers) in the Infantry badge but cannot vouch for the Zimbabwe Artillery. The beret badge conforms to a standard Royal / British Artillery design with a Zimbabwe eagle I place of the lion & tusk (Rhodesian) / crown (RA) . Stable belt I believe is the same as the Royal Artillery. I am not sure about collars (assume would be 7 flame’ grenades) as I have not seen any pictures of ZA personnel in their service dress ‘greens’.

I suspect over time economies have meant the issue of the same insignia. I think Reuteler MFG appear to have made most of the earlier 1980s badges (as per Rhodesian Army), then some appear to have been made by Mathews MFG, some now do not appear with any maker stamp.

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