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Old 10-02-22, 08:55 PM
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Originally Posted by bess55 View Post
One of the most extraordinary fake stories I over heard, was a few years ago at War and Peace. A trader of 3rd Reich medals and uniform etc, was explaining to a punter how he had been on a buying trip in Poland. He was driving down a fairly rural road when he passed a gang of road workers repairing the road surface, gravel, hot tarmac, dirty, muddy, sweaty work - the whole nine yards. He screatched his car to a halt when he noticed that all the workers were wearing black wrap around Nazi armoured crew jackets, with various insignia. The jackets of course were filthy, 'worn' and covered in oil etc. He asked to examine one and found it was extraordinarily good workmanship, very realistic looking, but to his well experienced eye, copies. When he asked where they got them from, they explained that they were wearing them for a few weeks for a guy who basically dropped them a few crates of beer.

Hey presto, worn, rubbed, with the odd hole, genuine sweat marks, smelly etc. You genuinely couldn't make this stuff up!
My late father collected coins (it's in the genes....) and used to get many coin mags. One story that really made us both smile was the gent, way back in the 19th C, who was producing Roman and Greek coins.

To age them, they were placed in a small box attached to the side of a carriage wheel (that shows how long ago that was!) as the carriage went about its travels.

He referred to this process as "taking the old gentlemen for a walk"!

If it's not true, it should be!
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