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Old 18-05-22, 06:58 PM
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Default Getting Round To It…

Last year it struck me that in near 25 years collecting I’d never bought a Catering Corps or ATS badge of any description.

I’ve no idea why it’s taking so long as they’re readily available. Think I’ve always told myself I’d get round to it and so perhaps been extra picky or chosen to spend the money elsewhere.

So I was wondering if any other collectors had experienced this and getting round to it… very slowly or not at all?
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Old 18-05-22, 07:08 PM
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Yes Luke sorting out my badges! and I now know why!

Going through all the boxes, bags, think you’ve finished to open a bag and there are badges which need to with some already sorted!

Also mounting of my Irish badges, still think I might pick up badges which will fit between others?

All the best billy
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Old 18-05-22, 08:30 PM
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Certain Corps badges such as the ones you mentioned were also very slow in coming into my collection as well. I suppose my focus was on "sexier" badges and I guess still is; although my collecting overall has slowed to a crawl this year.

Bdr. Parker Windle MM, A Btry. 210th (E. Lancs.) RFA WW1 , fr. Burnley
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Old 18-05-22, 09:11 PM
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Yes, and still have a few areas I would like to collect, but my funds don't always agree! Several have just sort of evolved - UN, NAFFI, Flags patches, brassards and RBL-WS as examples. But all true areas of interest.

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